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Slum Rehabilitation Society (SRS)

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Slum Rehabilitation Society (SRS) is an NGO with the distinction of being the first to start developing principles of slum rehabilitation well before current government policies were formulated. Since 1972, SRS has been a key facilitator in Slum Rehabilitation Projects in Mumbai.

At SRS, we believe that true rehabilitation of slums must include capacity building for transition apart from the provision of permanent housing. We are strongly lobbying for the acceptance of post rehabilitation by the government and the other project implementers.

We have striver to combine an innovative and sensitive approach with a thorough understanding of ground realities.mac This has enabled a successful transition of slums to healthy communities and greatly improved living conditions. This made us an effective the medium between our partners and slum dwellers.

Our partners gain from our extensive experience, correct information and clear guidance.

Our solutions include -

  • Facilitation of Slum Rehabilitation for various stakeholders
  • Data management of slum pockets
  • Community development and mobilization programmes
  • Establishment of Social Cohesion Post Rehabilitation


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